Somatodrol is a nutritional supplement that promotes the growth of muscle tissue. The secret of its activity is a unique combination of ingredients, which increases the body’s production of testosterone and growth hormone (HGH). This is particularly important for pupils as people in Poland that there is a ban on the sale of products containing these ingredients. With supplements such as Somatodrol the body is stimulated for independent production, eliminating the need to take testosterone and HGH from external sources.

The formula contained in the dietary supplement called GRTH Factor Somatodrol. Its effectiveness decide beta-alanine and arginine, which bind each other in specific proportions. Other valuable components that affect the functioning of Somatodrolu is cayenne pepper, the stimulating guarana, and necessary for the normal functioning of the body B12. Whether Somatodrol will bring the expected effects will determine the quality and quantity of physical activity performed. Studies show that men who consume supplements of the substance within three months of regular exercise achieved a growth of 8 to 14 kg of lean muscle mass. Accepting Somatodrolu a nearly 30 percent increase in testosterone levels, as well as a 26 percent increase in the level of HGH in the body. People taking supplements with this preparation in addition to the growth of muscle tissue also noticed other positive effects on their body.

The most notable benefits include faster muscle recovery after exercise, allowing you to practice often, the problem is further compensated by muscle spasms and muscle tension. People who take the preparation less likely to feel tired, have more energy, also significantly increased sexual desire in them. Manufacturer of the preparation ensures that its regular consumption along with taking adequate physical activity will bring results in the form of muscle mass. In the case of dissatisfaction with the results, you agree to return the money.

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