Kimera is a dietary supplement designed for people who want to get rid of excess body fat. Due to the action of preparing natural ingredients they can make workouts more effective. Kimera has a thermogenic effect, which allows the use of our fat reserves as energy to exercise. Supplement efficacy confirmed by both women and men. Efficacy is determined by its unique composition. Kimera contains guarana extract, which is known for its energy enhancing properties – both physical energy and mental performance. An important component of the supplement is tyrosine, a Kimery intracellular relay amplifying effect. Ginger extract has the effect of speeding up the metabolism people train, it also helps to alleviate the harmful effects of free radicals in the body.

Vitamins of group B are a very important part of the preparation, they have a protective effect on the nervous system. An important element is also green tea, rich in antioxidants. It presents the act of accelerating fat burning. Another component sprawiaj¹cym that Kimera helps to effectively combat excess body fat is a bitter orange extract, which significantly speeds up metabolism. Contained in the caffeine preparation makes the human body during exercise more efficient, it also has an impact on fat burning. The advantage of Kimery is SAFETY its application. The use of natural ingredients only means that the preparation can be used even for a long time, depending on the desired effects.

The supplement improves the performance and endurance of muscles during exercise. Rapid fat loss makes the person using it can in a relatively short period of time to carve the body and reveal muscle. The preparation can be combined with many nutrients for athletes, which helps increase the efficiency of workouts. The effects of an appreciable dose in the form of energy is evident from the first workout.

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